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Looking for the primary reason for UASI’s success over the last 30 plus years? No need to look any further than our team of dedicated and talented professionals. You are part of more than 400 people that combine to make UASI a national leader in revenue cycle solutions. Thank you.

Now help us take it a step further and you can reap the rewards!

We are announcing a 3-month program Thru November 30, 2018, to build connections and grow our networks.
Invite your peers and members
of your network to get involved with UASI.

Connection Opportunities



Invite a contact to “Opt-in” to our coding tips of the month


Virtually introduce your contact to a UASI Sales Representative


Personally introduce your contact to a UASI Sales Representative while attending a conference


Notify UASI of “networking opportunities” such as local and regional association meetings


Each connection you submit into the Networking Portal nets you an entry for a random drawing for a $50 Gift Card, 5 Winners each month! Grand Prize drawing for a $1,000 Gift Card will be held on or around December 5th, 2018

While our main goal is increasing our network, any of your connections that leads to new business* with UASI will garner you a BONUS OF $500!

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